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Friday, January 14, 2011

Author/Translator Danica Davidson is in the house!

Like many writers, I can’t imagine not writing. I’ve been a storyteller since a young age and have had dreams of being a professional writer for almost as long. A few years ago I started out as a freelancer.

I’ve also worked in the translation process, adapting Japanese books into English. I adapted the Japanese graphic novels Millennium Prime Minister and its sequel, Millennium Prime Minister 2, into English. You can see some samples here:


You can also read about my process in adapting them at the VM Freelance Writers Connection:


For about a year now I've had my own website. In it, I have links to articles, samples of my Japanese adaptation, and some descriptions of my novels. Please check it out!

To date, I’ve managed to sell a few hundred articles. To see the kinds of articles I've written, there are links to about 200 of them here:


Recently I was featured on the site Guide to Literary Agents where I wrote a guest column about what I’ve learned in my writing career. I hope what I wrote is helpful to writers wherever they are on their path.

Still, my favorite thing to do is write novels, and I’m actively seeking publication for a YA novel. I have a page on my novels here, though I admit I don't say too much, because I like to be careful:


I was also recently interviewed by the literary magazine Writing It Real, where I talk in detail about my writing:


I'm also trying (sometimes more or less successfully) to link my published work on my Twitter page. More followers are always welcome -- thank you!

~Danica Davidson~

Pagan Spirits thanks you for stopping by, Danica! Good luck with your YA novel!

1 comment:

DanicaDavidson said...

Thank you, Erin, for including me on your blog! I have a new post on my blog that links back to yours, so I hope it's helpful!